Health Screening Packages

Our Centre understands the growing health concerns of modern women. It is not enough to detect and treat diseases; women would like to know more about their health status and prevention of common diseases. It is with this in mind that we roll out the following health packages to suit the needs of women at different stages of their lives.

Tests Gynae Basic Package HPV DNA Testing Gynae Basic + Mammogram Package Pre-Conception Package Rose Package Orchid Package
Remarks This is specially designed for ladies who want to screen for tumours, cysts & common cancers of the genital tract only. This is highly recommended for women >30years old or with abnormal PAP smear results to improve the accuracy of screening for cervical lesionsa. For ladies above 40 years old, mammogram is added to the Gynae Basic package to screen for breast cancer. In addition to Gynae Basic Package, blood tests are done to exclude infectious diseases such as HIV, Syphilis & Hepatitis B. Blood grouping & Rubella immunity assessments are also included. This is a comprehensive package to assess the general health of the patient. Fasting lipid profile, renal & liver function tests are included. For women above 40 years old, mammogram is added to the Rose package.
Price S$150/- S$120/- S$400/- S$250/- S$550/- S$650/-
Physical examination by Specialist + assessment of BMI & blood pressure *   * * * *
Pap smear *   * * * *
Ultrasound pelvis *   * * * *
Mammogram     *     *
Electrocardiogram         * *
Chest X-ray         * *
Stool for occult blood         * *
Urine microscopy         * *
  Blood Tests
Blood group       * * *
Full blood count       * * *
Hb Electrophoresis       *    
Fasting glucose         * *
Thyroid function test         * *
Kidney function test         * *
Liver function test         * *
Fasting lipid profile         * *
Rubella Ig G       *    
Hep B immunity screening       * * *
VDRL screening       * * *
HIV screening       * * *
Package price DOES NOT INCLUDE consultation fees with the doctor (one consultation is required at the beginning to select a suitable package and a second consult may be required to review results).

Additional tests for women with special needs are available, eg. Tumour markers, bone and joint profile, sexually transmitted disease profile, etc. These are not included in the packages.
All rates are subject to revision without prior notice

Please come fasted from 12 midnight if a fasting glucose or lipid test is indicated as in Rose or Orchid Packages


Please schedule your health screening appointment at least 1 week after the last day of your menses.


Do not apply talcum powder, creams or deodorants to your chest region on the day of your mammogram. Please bring along previous mammogram films, if any, for comparison.


In order to avoid inaccurate results, menstruation must have stopped and sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least 7 days.