PostNatal Care

For vaginal deliveries, a postnatal visit will be scheduled at 1-2 weeks and 4-8 weeks after discharge from the hospital. During these consultations, recovery of the vagina will be assessed, Pap smear may be done & the usage of contraception will be discussed.

Vaginal laxity is common after vaginal delivery. Hence, Kegel’s pelvic floor exercise is instructed for toning of the vaginal tissues. Postpartum vaginal tightening by laser therapy is available at our Centre.  (Vaginoplasty) 

For Caesarean sections, the first postnatal visit is scheduled at 1-2 weeks after discharge from the hospital for wound inspection and removal of stitches in some patients. A second postnatal visit is scheduled 4-8 weeks later. Assessment will be done for the healing of the wound and uterus. Pap smear may be done and contraception usage will be discussed.

Patients are advised to call the Centre and schedule an early appointment if they experience sudden severe pain, heavy bleeding per vaginum or pain/difficulty with urination. These symptoms are signs of infection and need to be treated urgently.